B.GARIM Awnings

B.GARIM Awnings

B.GARIM Awnings are DIY assembling products, which offer excellent design and make them easy to install. They are solidly manufactured based on the size of ready-made polycarbonate plate. You can install any size of roof panel without connecting parts.

Information on B.GARIM Awning Assembly Components

size of B.GARIM awnings

Roof material sheet (Lexan) selectable

※Product colors may look different according to natural light and color lighting.

Roof material color – Transparent

Roof material color – Brown

Roof material color – Blue

Roof material color – Green

How to Order
B.GARIM Awnings

Please order carefully as B.GARIM Co., Ltd. provides customized products that are not eligible for exchanges, returns. However, we will exchange or return products if they are defective or damaged during delivery.

How to Order B.GARIM Awnings

First, select projecting length

Projecting length is determined by the length of B.GARIM’s bracket.
Select among B.GARIM’s bracket size.

Second, measure installation length for windows and doors

TIP Order 40cm-60cm longer than the width of windows

Third, determine the number of trusses

TIP Recommended to install at intervals of 1m-1.2m

Fourth, select roof panel

TIP Choose among brown, green, blue and transparent color

Fifth, choose option

TIP Hanger: Recommended when selecting bracket 1220 / Required when selecting bracket 1520

How to Install B.GARIM Awnings

Fix the set anchor by drilling anchor holes to fix B.GARIM brackets to the wall.

Fix B.GARIM truss to with set anchor.

Cut the wall frame to fit the gap between B.GARIM brackets, and put it under the bracket cover and stick it to the wall. Cut to 6cm in accordance with the bracket width.

Press the middle and front frame from above. Fasten B.GARIM brackets and frame with direct connection screws or rivets.

Fix the bracket cover with hexagonal bolts after inserting Lexan cut to the size.

Finally, prevent leakage with silicone. Treat with silicone between wall frame, wall and Lexan.

Polycarbonate resin 100%
Bracket 100% polycarbonate resin (Resin is never used.)
End cap of fixture&support AL6063
Hanger(optional) Stainless steel (SUS304)
Hanger(optional) Stainless steel (SUS304) / (It is used as a substitute for installing 1220 and 1520 model)
End cap of fixture&support Plastic
Side of roof material cover Synthetic resin